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Prehistoric wonder meets modern convenience.

It took six months in an Imperial Russian Navy ship for the first modern human beings to reach and ‘discover’ Antarctica.

We run cruises to Antarctica during the Antarctic summer months every year and the journey is just as monumental as the destination. As you pass through the sublime Drake Passage on a luxury cruise ship, you will have the chance to spot migrating humpback, orca, mink and fin whale pods making their way through the big blue. If you keep a close eye out, you could see hourglass dolphins skimming the surface and colossal albatross wheeling through the sky. All that from the helm (or the bar) of your floating hotel! 

But it’s not all cocktails and binoculars. Most Antarctic adventures also feature a range of daily activities for travellers, like kayaking, zodiac tours and polar camping. Accompanied by guides of course, you will pitch a tent on the polar surface and bunker down for a night you will truly never forget - warm, nestled in icy peaks and beneath more stars than you could ever begin to count. Whether you are a wildlife fanatic or a casual observer, Antarctica will change you.

Keen to explore the road least travelled? Antarctica is your chance. And with us,  you will be seeing the world while supporting a network of local independent travel agents.

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