Sirocco Spices & Gifts

We are pleased to announce the launch of Sirocco Spices & Gifts. We are stocking a range Gewurzhaus spices right here in Geelong, as well as some lovely gift ideas. While you can’t travel the world, you can still enjoy the flavours of the world!

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Here is a selection of our most popular spices:
Spice List
Australian Bush Herbs $15.00
BBQ Glaze Spice $10.50
BBQ Blokes Spice $12.50
Bratkartoffel Spice $10.00
Chermoula $12.00
Chimichurri $13.00
Galangal powder $ 9.00
Garlic Lovers Spice $13.50
Greek Grilling Spice $13.50  
Jamaican Jerk Spice $13.00
Lemon Myrtle $12.50
Louisianan Cajun $10.50
Melbourne Coffee Meat Rub $14.00
Quick Butter Chicken Blend $13.50
Smoky Almond Dukkah $13.50
Sri Lankan Curry $11.50
Schichimi Togarashi $ 8.95 
Vintage Merlot Salt (Mini Tin) $8.95
Smoked Yakima Applewood Salt (Mini Tin) $8.95
Black Truffle Salt Jar $34.50
White Truffle Salt Jar $29.00
 Cocoa Double Dutch $ 8.00
Apple cake Spice $15.00
Christmas Cake & Pudding Spice $15.00
Gingerbread Spice $14.00
St Nicholas Spekulaas $14.00
Viennese X-Mas Sugar $15.50 
We can create gift packs to suit your choice:
Our Specialty Packs 
Steak & Chips (Pack of 2) $24.50
Fish & Chips (Pack of 2)
BBQ Gift Pack (Pack of 4) $50.50
Curry Gift Pack (Pack of 4) $45.50

Price will vary depending on quantity, view the full list here!


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